Elizabeth Spencer 2014 Sauvignon Blanc FullSizeRender(23)

Like most Friday evenings, this one started with a trip to the local wine store, Que Syrah. I didn’t know what I was going to have for dinner, but I did know that I wanted a cool, crisp white wine that wasn’t a chardonnay. I gravitated toward the Sauvignon Blanc and asked for a recommendation that wasn’t flowery. Enter Elizabeth Spencer.

This light California Sauvignon Blanc has a very distinct tree fruit smell and taste. As requested, I didn’t detect any hint of flower. Most whites are served too cold at first to really get the flavor profile, so I let this one sit for a bit and tried it once it was warmer. Upon my second try, I got a more complex scent and taste including a hint of grass, but the green apple and pear were still in the lead.

I paired this wine with spicy thai food and it worked well cooling off my palate as well as cutting through some of the oil on the noodles. The following day, I tried this wine with cheese and I will guess that it would pair well with a strong “stinky” cheese to balance it out, but doesn’t really do anything for the more milder varieties of cheeses.

At a price point of about $16, this doesn’t break the bank, but I felt like it was a shade overpriced and probably would have been more impressed if it was in the $10-$12 range. The label is pretty and there really is nothing too strong about the taste so it could be brought to a gathering as a hostess gift or would be a great bottle to share with a friend over some spicy noodles.