Did you know that the moon can have an effect on how a wine tastes throughout the month? That the same bottle can taste different if opened on a different day? I didn’t until I heard about how different phases of the moon can affect wine’s flavors and your perception of those flavors.

Various days in the biodynamic calendar are labeled “fruit”, “root”, “leaf” and “flower” days. Fruit days are the best for wine as wines should drink as intended. Root and leaf days are the least desirable and flower days are said to be neutral. Each fruit, root, leaf, and flower day will bring those flavors out in the wine so for your next dinner party or wine tasting event, try to make sure it’s a fruit day for maximum enjoyment!

Learn more about how the biodynamic calendar can influence wines here.

Here’s a picture of the 2016 calendar that you can purchase from Lunarorganics.com.