Vecchia Cantina Cianti 2010 IMG_6094

The second bottle I purchased last week was a Chianti from Italy. My request was for something light but flavorful that isn’t a Pinot Noir. I recently came back from Oregon so I’m a bit Pinot’d out. My trusted wine purveyor recommended this bottle and I wasn’t disappointed.

The aroma is heavy on the berries, with a bit of cinnamon and band-aid. The taste is quite different though with lots of spice coming through. Cinnamon, black licorice, pepper and a rubbing alcohol flavor are the four tastes that presented themselves upon first sip. As time went on, I tasted a slight hint of vanilla thrown in there, but if you don’t like pepper and spices in your wine, then this isn’t for you.

This wine would hold up against a more creamy Thai dish like a panang curry chicken but I would advise against a spicy dish as it would just pile on and lose it’s individuality. Another option would be a roasted chicken with winter root vegetables and of course any Italian meal with a red marinara sauce. For $17 a bottle, this is a great value.