Poppy Pinot Noir is one of my Go To favorites so when I saw this Cabernet at Whole Foods, I immediately grabbed a bottle.

I’m not going to say I was disappointed, but I certainly wasn’t overwhelmed like I am by the Pinot. At $12, it’s hard to be too mad when it’s not a mind blowing drinking experience. Definitely let this one decant for a bit before drinking as the flavors take a while to come out after opening.

The aroma is heavy on the cherry and fig and after it sits it adds a slight cinnamon scent. The taste is very much similar to the smell, leaning in to the cherry and finishing with a leathery and very mild oak flavor.

I paired this with a salmon, apple and millet dish and it was OK. No changes to the flavor profile when consumed with food. This is pretty light as far as California Cabs go so I would stay away from opening this when eating any sort of red meat. I’d stick to chicken dishes and oily fish like salmon and seabass or have this as an appetizer wine and drink with some brie and bread.

As a side note, this wine caused a mild allergic reaction about an hour after drinking, so if you’re sensitive to sulfites, beware.