Normally, I’m a fan of Malbec, but if I had tried this bottle as my introduction to the varietal, I would not be such a supporter. Like most reds, this wine needs a few minutes after opening for its aroma and flavors to develop. It has an intense purple color so be prepared for immediate red wine smile.

The scent starts off with dirt (which some call “earthy”), and band aid. Not horrible, but after decanting the aroma of barnyard and horse reveal themselves.

The flavor is equally disappointing with those same dirty, farm animal flavors and the finish leaves a hint of sour milk on the tongue.

Surprisingly, these are legitimate wine flavors and there are obviously wine makers and drinkers who like them. I’m not one of them. Look for a post coming soon where I discuss making scents of wine aromas and you can start to plot where your favorite bottles fall on the chart.