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If you’re paying attention you may have noticed that my wine club includes TWO bottles of wine every month. The Ostatu Blanco is the second wine I was introduced to this month and it also comes from Spain.

Typically, a Rioja is a red wine, but this is a white Rioja; making it very unique. This wine is a blend of the Macabeo grape which is used primarily on wines that are to be consumed early, as well as blended. In this instance, the Macabeo is blended with the Malvasia grape, which is of Italian decent and most often used in dessert wines.

I usually don’t crave sweet wines so I was initially a little sad when I started learning about this wine, but I’ll admit I don’t hate it.

The smell is strong apple, some mango, flowers and (albeit crazy) Palmolive dish soap. Yes, particularly Palmolive brand. On the palate, I noticed strong melon and tropical fruits like pineapple. The flowers are still around too, but despite my description, I wouldn’t classify this as a ” dessert wine” by any means. One thing to note with the Ostatu is that it is best served very cold. The flavors are refreshing and it loses some of it’s punch when it’s warmer.

I tried this wine with a white fish dish and it paired very well. The picture above is the recipe from Blue Apron that was used to compliment this wine. Again, like the Tamaral, I lean towards a pork tenderloin or chop for this Spanish wine as pork is frequently served with an applesauce. When you think about this wine, think about foods that would go with a mango chutney or applesauce.