Not surprisingly, I belong to a “wine of the month” club. Shocking, I know. The day I get the call that my two new wines are ready for pick up is one of the best days of the month! The club is through my local wine shop and it’s a great way to get introduced to wines that I normally wouldn’t seek out on my own like this Tamaral Tempranillo. Most of the featured wines range from $15-$20 per bottle with this one going for about $16.

Tempranillo wine is native to Spain and the grapes are often times blended with other varieties but the Tamaral is 100% Tempranillo. With an aroma of cherry, raspberry, cinnamon, and vanilla, this wine smelled like a pie you would want to eat on Thanksgiving. This is a perfect fall wine.

The flavors are sweet but the wine itself isn’t sweet. Hints of vanilla, strong cherry and raspberry come forward and end smoothly on the palate.

I tried some rosemary crackers and cheese with this wine and was pleasantly surprised that the rosemary paired well with it. A rosemary pork tenderloin with some fingerling potatoes served with the Tamaral Tempranillo would be a delicious combination!