Not long ago, my husband came home with a bottle of 2013 Lunatic. Lunatic is a blended red wine comprised of Sangiovese, Syrah, Malbec, Petite Sirah, and Alicante Bouschet. A true mutt of a wine. Mutts are cute, right?

Wrong. I opened it, let it breathe for a minute and took a sip. I immediately recoiled. It smelled like nail polish remover and tasted like a berry flavored varnish. I thought it may need to decant longer but that just added a hint of sulfur to the taste. My husband did not immediately taste this but he wasn’t able to tell me any other typical flavors found in red table wine. Intriguing. I put down my glass and chalked this up to one of the few bottles that I couldn’t tolerate.

Flash forward to this weekend and I went to the local wine shop and this bottle was recommended to me. I explained that I didn’t like it and described the nail polish remover and varnish I smelled and tasted. This was received with laughter and I was informed that I had a “turned” bottle of wine. I went on to say that my husband didn’t share my distaste for it and again, received roaring laughter. Apparently men can’t taste the chemicals in spoiled wine as well as women. Ah ha! It all makes sense now!

I came home and looked at the website for the Lunatic 2013 red. According to the makers of this wine:

The 2013 Lunatic Red has dark, concentrated depth, flowing with notes of blueberry and blackberry with the spiciness of vanilla and nutmeg. The palate is greeted by flavors of boysenberry compote with underlying swirls of bacon and hints of violet. Lush, velvety tannins round out a long finish.

Sounds delicious! However, I tasted none of this. It just reinforced that what I received was a spoiled bottle of wine. So, would I try the Lunatic again? Maybe. Stay tuned for an updated review of the “real” Lunatic 2013 Red.