I have been slow to write about this wine because I can’t decide if I liked it or not. It’s interesting though, so it’s worth it’s own post.

This is one of the oldest wines I’ve had in a long time so I was very excited to open it up and dive in.

As you can even see from the first photo, this wine is THICK. It’s heavy, dark and full bodied. It pours a bit cloudy in the glass and has legs. These “legs” or streaks that form on the inside of the glass most likely come from a higher alcohol content and/or sugar in the wine. Makes sense as this wine is both potent and sweet at times.

The aroma at first is band-aid and alcohol, but when left alone for a few minutes, it starts to smell like lush cherry and pepper.

The taste is different and the first thing that came to mind was raisins, plum with a hint of pepper. Similar to the smell, it changes throughout the drinking experience and it turns sweeter. I actually related the taste to a Twizzler (red). It became more of a port wine at the end for me. Very dessert-like.

Trying to think of a good food pairing for this bottle is tough. Maybe a New York style cheesecake if you want to really be decadent. For a savory pairing, I’d try a cheese and meat plate. Coupled with this hearty wine, it’s all you’d need to be satisfied.