My local wine shop has a free tasting the first Saturday of every month. They are typically seasonal so with the holidays upon us, there was a sparkling to start off the sampling. This is where I was introduced to the  Veuve Ambal. It is excellent for holiday parties as well as having a budget friendly price point.

At $14, this brut drank like a much pricier bottle of sparkling. Produced in the Champagne region of France, it’s made from exclusively Chardonnay grapes like most Blanc de Blanc wines are.

The aroma is citrus (lemon) mixed with a faint hint of flowers. It tastes crisp, refreshing, and has flavors of citrus but isn’t too light. It has some heft reminiscent of a good aged bottle of Chardonnay.

Ditch the Prosecco and pair this Brut with a nice cheese plate, some shrimp cocktail and/or a charcuterie board and let the party begin!