Napa by Napa was one of my monthly wines. I don’t have anything particular against blends, but I usually stick to single varietals. In the US, in order for a wine to be considered a single varietal, it needs to be 75% of a single type of grape. Those grapes can come from different plots, but are the same grape. A blend is a mashup of different grape types. Blends are used for a multitude of different reasons, such as increasing the scent. Reds tend to be blended more often than whites, except in some regions in Europe where blending whites is common.

History lesson over. Let’s talk about Napa by Napa. The color is dark and rich. The aroma of this wine is heavy on cedar and sweet cherry. The taste is nice with the cedar coming forward in the beginning with a hint of black licorice and leather. The finish includes flavors of oak and vanilla. This is a pretty complex blend.

Let this wine breathe for a few minutes before drinking. I liked it significantly more after it had sat for a while in the glass. The food I thought about while drinking this wine was grilled meats. Probably because of the cedar and oak flavors. Grilled Italian sausage with peppers, or maybe a lamb burger would be my picks. Serve this wine at your next BBQ and nobody will be disappointed.