(You’ll notice that I couldn’t even get a picture of this wine while the bottle was still full…..that’s how fast it was gone!)

I’d like to present, your 2016 summer wine crush. The 2014 Vina Robles Sauvignon Blanc. Normally, I’m pretty finicky when it comes to the Sauvignon Blanc. It has to be the right temperature outside, I have to be eating the right food, the moon as to be in the right lunar phase, etc… This is because to me, Sauvignon Blancs are so distinct in their flavor profiles; very much leaning in to grapefruit and flowers which can be very overpowering. Not this one.

The color is light, and the smell is heavy on apples, citrus, and a hint of spicy jalepeno. The taste is so crisp and refreshing, mimicking the aroma and finishing with a bit of mineral. It begs to be consumed on a patio in the summer while grilling some fish or chicken, or ordering sushi. The Vina Robles is not heavy on grapefruit and no floral taste at all, but is still satisfying and complex.

Happy grilling and sipping!