Yes, this Chardonnay is called Butterball and (spoiler alert) it goes with Thanksgiving dinner! Butterball was a wine of the month a short time ago, and it really surprised me. Typically, Australian Chardonnay isn’t my jam, but this Butterball is a standout. Possibly because it’s made in Western Australia in the Margaret River region which is known to produce wines with a more European taste.

The aroma is a combination of toast and pear. Researching, I found that Butterball is allowed to mature with lees of yeast still in the barrel giving it that bread smell. The taste is rich and you guessed it, “buttery.” It bites much less than most Australian wines in my opinion. Ever so slightly fruity, this chardonnay can be enjoyed by itself, or with food.

I would recommend a cheese plate to pair with the Butterball if you are serving during an appetizer course. A nice blue or roquefort would be nice. I definitely feel like this wine would be great with the flavors on your Thanksgiving table as well. Turkey, stuffing and vegetables would compliment this wine nicely. At an average of about $12 per bottle, you can entertain your friends and family in style without breaking the bank this Thanksgiving. Cheers!